Why the hell?

Why do we keep seemingly punishing ourselves going round in circles/cycles? Really, what motivates, drives us (sheesh, I can’t seem to get rid of the habit of throwing cheap puns)? Other than what a neighbour said in puzzlement ‘koracchu mental ano?” (I don’t need to translate that, do I?). Why go through the pain? Over and over again….

Me, I’m not out to change the world by adopting an ‘eco’ friendly mode of transport. Heck, it’s too painful and too sweaty to get to a job that I do for someone else. And I love cars and motorbikes. So why the pain?

I like running/riding…away. It’s my break from a world that doesn’t often make much sense to me. It’s my time to myself. It’s my time to breathe – really breathe, to not be hearing someone else’s song in my ear but to strike a chord in my head backed up by my body’s rhythm.

But pshaw! mainly it’s my last-ditch effort to lose my beer gut. I thought losing that would be as easy losing hair. Fool, I.

So what’s your excuse, you sado-masochist?

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