Are you being served?

Me: I’d like to order for a pizza, please

Pizza Delivery: Ummm…sorry sir, our server’s down.

Me: Should be coming back soon I suppose?

Pizza Delivery, confused: No, no, server’s down

Me, full of concern for the server’s emotional well-being: Needs counseling. Believe me, I know. I’ve read The Hitch-hikers Guide To The Galaxy and could totally empathize with that miserable robot Marvin.

Pizza Delivery, bewildered and probably a mite scared, hangs up.

Much of this happened only in my head. But why are we so reliant on technology? In this case, the pizza delivery could’ve just taken down my address and the coupon code and updated it after the server came back bright and shining after a boost to its limp psyche. But no, you need the server for normal service to resume. No surprise then that the server goes ‘down’ in the midst of such lameness.

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