I admit there are times when I feel an overwhelming sense of inadequacy in the midst of people conversing about the latest apps that they’ve installed on their phones. I look like a fish out of water, all gasping mouth and goggle-eyed when I’m landed in an environment charged with sparks flying on the Android v/s iOS debate. Just when I think I’m dying, I brighten up a bit when I hear ‘Gingerbread’ and ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ but that turns out to be just a flash in the pan. Names for phone operating system versions apparently – WTF????

But some days back, sitting in the silent darkness of a theater, it seemed there was redemption even for a technology misfit like me. Members of the audience that had stepped out during the play’s break were stumbling back in. It took a a few low-blows from flailing rock-bejewelled heavy hands for me to remember that my phone has a Flashlight widget/app/thingummy. I took the phone out to shine a light, only to find that I had switched it off. Nevermind – I fiddled with it and about an hour later (or so it seemed to me then) a ‘Quietly Brilliant’ scrawl lit up the screen, by which time various body parts of mine had been squashed to pulp and the ‘Switch Off Your Cell Phones’ entreaty had rung in. So I sent the phone back to slurping on whatever dessert it was on – Froyo I think it was. 

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