Age Is A Number

It’s strange how a piece of music can set your thought wandering seemingly unconnected paths. I was listening to ‘Comfortably Numb’ when my mind went rambling into notions of age and of ageing. From that was borne a series of lines mostly silly which I tweeted. I’m carrying that a little further and dropping it here (some of it is too obscure for minds that are not quite as twisted as mine).

* Age is a number. It numbs you, not necessarily comfortably

* Used to be broad-chested. And then age and gravity did a down-shift

* When “letting your hair down” is no longer literal

* When “Who am I?” becomes literal and no longer indulgent philosophical introspection

* When you wish someone would invent a Google to find your glasses (your eyes lit up when Google Glass was announced but no, that wasn’t it)

* When “What Was It You Wanted” becomes your theme song

* When with each year you move further away from Douglas Adams’s answer to Life, The Universe and Everything Else

* When you get recognised by the back of your head

4 thoughts on “Age Is A Number

  1. Can’t help but agree with you, Santosh! You could also add a bit about bad backs and the food (and drinks) that you once loved, completely out of bounds to the list!

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