Unsaid/Too much said

How often have you felt that there’s that tad something that’s missing from an event, a speech, an article…? That something which leaves you waiting for closure without which you have a sense of unarticulated dissatisfaction?

The tagline of the latest Levi ad (in India – not sure if this is running elsewhere) is one that does that to me. ‘Go Forth’ it says. Something unsaid there. Then the missing piece, rather what it could be to my twisted mind, hit me yesterday…’Multiply’. If there’s more of you out there who were struck by that same blinding flash, I think this is one brilliantly subversive ad. Otherwise it sucks. Talking of which, here’s this really cheap one (given Rahul Dravid’s current run) from Nike – ‘Don’t hit The Wall, Hit the Road’. Aaaahgaaaahhh!

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